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The mystical city submerged for thousands of years is now revealed to Silent & her crew. Here, the sky and sea meet. Whales dominate the clouds and underwater ruins are teeming with life. Across the bridge is its heart, a collection of floating islands with dazzling waterfalls and grand structures. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Azuria is reborn from Atlantis; a doomed civilization from the great flood after their first traversal. The new colony of fish folk seek to restore order in the ocean but is ruled by an indolent king. With the damaged spire, space and time traversal is inaccessible. Azuria is in peril while its king idles about. What will be done to save it?


Experience Sly Fest and meet new friends, discover new music, and explore a virtual realm like no other.

SF2021 KABU (1).png


Make New Friends.

SF2021 DJ-JO (7).png


Music Is Everywhere.

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A New Virtual World.

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