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New Beginnings

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Photo taken by HoshPak

The return of Sly Fest was overwhelmingly positive with many expressing their excitement. We’ve heard the curiosity of where the story goes. Where is Sly? and who is Captain Shadows?! We know many have been ready to rave the night away. With Sly Fest back in full swing, there are plenty of new things to unveil about where our journey leads us, and what crazy parties lie ahead this summer.

Photo taken by HoshPak

We are taken back to the humble beginnings of Sly’s childhood and its impact on sculpting his

fate. The early years of his life consisted of fishing with his father, selling their catches

of the day, and playing in the ocean. He would soon long for those days after his father unexpectedly declined in health and passed away. Unknown to what will come next, he must utilize those skills to fend for himself. One fateful day a portal opens. A massive form of bubbles underneath Sly’s boat then engulfs him. Teleporting him to the inception of his new adventures and life.

As the candle lights flickered in the tavern, we were introduced to a rag-tag gathering of pirates conversing amongst themselves about a treasure rumored around the town of a vessel that grants wishes. The curiosity in the air is entwined with the aroma of grog and the salty sea breeze. Soon enough after listening to the tavern’s patrons, Sylvester Shadows gets up to speak to them. The patrons hang on to every word he speaks, their eyes gleaming with the longing for the unknown adventure ahead. As well as the unforetold hardships that they couldn’t have predicted then.


Photo taken by Ari Gold

The excitement in the waiting room of the fellow pirates eagerly gathered to watch Episode 4: The Tavern. We waited enthusiastically for the doors to open as we arrived at the town of Rouges Reef and entered the tavern called the “Smiling Moon”. Soon enough, we tavern patrons celebrated the adventure that we will be embarking on with our Captain Sylvester Shadows. Brought together by music, the atmosphere in the tavern was electric with laughter, cheering, and pirates showing us their best jigs. We enjoyed the return of the pool gang, now with an awesome pirate sail!

Photo taken by Ari Gold

As the night came to an end, we finished the night with the captain himself…... Sylvester Shadows! We ended the night together singing sea shanties in that tavern. Dancing our hearts out to those familiar jigs that we heard on the open seas. I hope to see you all soon on our next adventure!!

Photo taken by Ari Gold

Watch The Saga Here:

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