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RELIVE: Sly Fest 2020

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

During the weekend of October 23rd-25th, thousands of viewers across Twitch and VRChat had the opportunity to experience Sly Fest 2020; a 3 day virtual music festival featuring over 40 artists. The 3 day experience was very short lived and we at Sly Fest wanted a way to relive those moments again. As a response, “RELIVE: Sly Fest 2020,” was created! The world will allow visitors to rewatch performances from Sly Fest 2020 as if the festival was frozen in time.

If you have missed Sly Fest, this may be an opportunity to experience the festival for the first time! In a friends + instance on VRChat, you could have up to 80 people watch with you too!

We can’t wait for you to visit the Sly Fest world and replay performances that took place over the magical weekend. So if you missed out on the festival, or are just yearning to have that experience again, here’s our present to you!

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