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In the midst of COVID-19 and Global Pandemic during the latter half of 2020, Sly Fest was an idea devised by Virtual Reality Creator & Enthusiast Jace Fernandez (AKA Sly). While real concerts and festivals were cancelled, Sly searched for a new, more immersive way to bring the experience online. After many emails, calls, and exchanges, Sly accrued a team of 34, talented individuals who have all shared this same vision; to enjoy that very same festival feeling and bring communities together. With a bit of luck and magic, Sly managed to gather over 40 incredible DJs to perform for SF2020. Sly Fest spanned over the course of 3 days (October 23rd - 25th); each day lasting for more than 10 hours. After the show concluded, there were over 8,000 attendees total in-game and over 8,000 who streamed online on Twitch.


Sly Fest is a VR-based music festival that provides a one-of-a-kind experience by emulating real world events like ULTRA and EDC, but with a VR spin. Sly Fest aims to give you the visceral feeling of attending a real, physical festival, while taking things to the next level by utilizing the wild and surreal visuals afforded by the VR medium. 

 This 2021 Sly Fest will see 40+ artists take to the stage. Featuring numerous established industry legends alongside rising stars from the EDM community, we're incredibly excited for the opportunity to deliver you one of the greatest music festivals VR has to offer!


Sly Fest is a FREE online event. DO NOT purchase anything claiming entry to the event. Just join by following our instructions!


1. Download VRChat on Steam

2. Create a VRChat Account

3. Log into VRChat with desktop or VR.

4. Search "Sly Fest 2021" in worlds tab

5. Click "Go!"

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