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8 Stages, 6 Shows, 2 Festivals, 30+ Staff, 110+ Artists, 130+ Hours of Musical Performances

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Just four months after our first VR music festival Slyfest 2020, we celebrated the christening of the SS Sly. At the end of a long pier and with a stage sitting in the shadow of the cruise ship, the first Sly Fest Minis event kicked off our most successful and busiest year, opening a new chapter for the Sly Fest family. For the next five months we went on to continue the Minis events across different stages all over the magnificent boat. Staff worked around the clock to create beautiful experiences and prototype new technologies that would enable wider interactivity for Sly Fest attendees.

In June we saw our first festival of 2021. Muzz Fest was a collaboration event between Muzz and Sly Fest which brought in thousands of fans to witness a two day show in our first ever quest compatible world. The festival also demonstrated a technology new to the Sly Fest staff. Full Motion Shader brought each DJ's likeness and presence with full motion capture broadcasted to all instances of the event. It was a huge undertaking, but we weren't nearly done for the year.

For the next two months, our staff and creators took everything they learned to make the ultimate VR festival. Sly Fest 2021 was a momentous effort which took the collaboration and organization of over one hundred volunteers, ambassadors, staff members, and performers all acting in synchronous union. Utilizing VRCDN, the three day event broadcasted fifty two hours of performances world wide across many VRchat instances to thousands of festival goers. Even though the work involved was logistically taxing and labor intensive, the whole event went without a hitch thanks to careful planning and the work of our rockstar team.

To put a cap on the year, we are proud to announce Relive SlyFest 2021. Throughout our main festival we recorded every performance and packaged them into a VRChat world creating a relivable experience for anyone to go back to and enjoy. Not only did we record the video and audio, utilizing Full Motion Shader we also recorded the full motion capture of every DJ. The world will allow visitors to rewatch DJs as they had performed on the island’s many stages in a festival frozen in time. We can’t wait for you to visit Mochie Island and replay performances that took place over the epic weekend.

We’d like to thank our amazing staff, the performers, and all those who partied, tuned in, and enjoyed our many events throughout 2021. We are not stopping now! We have lots of amazing events and experiences for you all this 2022.

Although it will be difficult as we can’t quite seem to find our captain… Last anyone saw of Sly he was sailing off into the sunset on a week long journey. That was now months ago and a dedicated search team has be dispatched, but the show must go on! Our team is full steam ahead on our plans for this new year. That being said, we are asking anyone with information on his whereabouts to post information in our Discord channel.

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