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Journey to the Whale Temple

Ahoy Mateys!

We have heard the excited yar hars from you all. Our fellow pirates went on a journey through the sea of the Whale Temple. The journey was a bit bumpy, and the Kraken and Sirens came out of nowhere. Seriously! We are glad we finally made it to the entrance of the whale temple even though we crashed the ship…… again.

Episode 5: Sinking Ships & Episode 6: The Whale Temple

As we follow our adventurous pirates, we are shown the harsh life on the sea, the rain pouring down and the waves pushing the ship forward on the course. Captain Sylvester’s memories of his first crew are terrified about what could happen on the open sea. On the way to our destination, we faced many obstacles like the sirens that flung themselves above us as they sang their persuasive songs trying to get our pirates off course, but they were able to avoid them in time. Our pirates couldn’t celebrate yet as a new boss appeared near our destination… the Kraken. The large tentacles raging down onto the ship made the crew go under the deck to attack the Kraken. Soon enough we were able to go back to our journey ahead.

Crash landing at the Whale Temple our pirates have finally found their destination. Working our

way from the ship into the tunnel leads us to the luminescent cave. The cave seemed to be a dead end but after the crew band together to celebrate the successful journey, we are shown what lies behind the blank cave wall.

As the dirt and dust began to disperse, we were shown beautiful familiar scenery that we have seen in Azuria. We were blinded by the bright light coming from the structure above. Getting closer we realized that the structure was some kind of teleporter.


As the pirates went through the teleporter, to what they didn’t know would be Azuria, they found themselves in a research center dome. They went out of the airlock door to find a crazed scene of open rifts to other dimensions. As they searched around, they started to see familiar objects like their ship before it crashes into the Whale Temple. Also, the tentacles of the Kraken seamlessly come from nowhere. Unable to go back to the teleporter, the crew decided to celebrate a new frontier of space for the time being.

We want to thank you all for coming to these Minis and we are very excited to see you all at the main event! Our team has worked very hard and looked forward to you all to see the main event. Also, huge thanks to the Rift for collaborating with us for the afterparty.

Watch The Saga Here

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