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The Search for Sly

11 months ago, as the tear down of Sly Fest 2021 began, our captain Sly set off on a well-needed vacation. His solo trek was planned to be just a weeklong, but since setting sail on open waters no one has heard from him. After 8 months of radio silence, most had given up on a search and rescue of Sly. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was still out there, and I wasn’t alone in this feeling. Naku came through with a huge crew of people from the rave scene to help in the search for Sly. With nothing more than a loose heading, Naku, a whole lot of festival goers, and I (Silent) took it upon ourselves to brave the sea and find our captain.

After commandeering a Sly Fest vessel, we set sail towards the last known location and headed for Sly’s boat. It was not the ideal time of year to be out at sea. Most days the water was too rough to safely navigate the bow of the ship, sequestering the whole crew to the cramped quarters inside. On top of that, the antiquated festival boat required frequent repairs and maintenance. But our crew is determined and crafty, they would even keep morale up by throwing deck side raves when the weather permitted.

As we got closer to Sly’s last known location, the seas got rougher, the storms stronger, and the energy altogether weirder. Whale calls were heard frequently, some loud enough to permeate throughout the entire ship. The weirdest occurrence of all surrounded this key Sly had given to me before he left. Initially, I thought he had given me this key to watch over, but now I’m pretty sure it was left as some sort of clue of his whereabouts. One night some of the crew observed that it would start to glow when taken near Sly’s old work desk. At his desk, a chest was revealed to us which fit the key perfectly. Inside was a scroll glowing with unknown blue markings. That’s when disaster struck.

A whirlpool, large enough to swallow skyscrapers appeared on the horizon and it was too late. We were already too close to the edge of this tidal black hole to get away. All we could do was commit to this fate and plunge straight to the depths. The fall of which was large, we threw a “We’re Falling Forever '' party for a good 6 hours before hitting bottom. And oh, did we hit the bottom. Miraculously everyone is fine, just a little banged up. The ship… is a little beyond repair in its state of; one, being cut in half, and two, at the bottom of whirlpool miles beneath the sea.

So now here we are. After braving the ocean atop our decrepit ship and following the clues left by our cryptic captain," We have made it!". Well, we aren't sure where we have made it to exactly. A preliminary glance says we are at the entrance to the large lost city Azuria. We are still hot on Sly’s trail as the Crew figures out how to get into this city. We expect to have the code cracked on this scroll by the 26th and will hopefully figure out the entrance on these city gates with that.

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