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Our Voyage Continues

We hope you got your sea legs, as our voyage is far from over! Thank you all for coming to the opening show our first night out on the virtual ocean. All of the performers really outdid themselves within our brand new state of the art venue! As you may have heard, Secret Sky has been announced and we would like to congratulate Laxcity on being part of this massive lineup! We are overly excited to see more VR-based concerts hitting the metaverse as a new way of experiencing live music.

As many of you have been enjoying what the whole Sly Fest team has been able to deliver, we are happy to announce the new upcoming ways you can support us! Launching next month, Sly Fest will have a Patreon page with tier exclusive benefits. With our Patreon, supporters can enjoy perks such as: VIP access to instances, behind-the-scenes content, access to SFM VODs, digital merch to wear in your favorite VR spaces, and much more! In addition to our digital merch, we are also launching a full merch store selling Sly Fest Apparel for your real world physical avatar to wear. To top it off, we plan to announce an upcoming contest that will be rewarding all sorts of cool prizes and goodies! 😉

As we sail away into a clear, starry night, we plan to disrupt the peace with loud blasts of BASS. The SS Sly welcomes headlining talents SMLE & Zaxx on deck, and certified Velociraptor wrangler Colby Boothman on the bill! So rest up pool side with a piña colada, make friends at the gyro stabilized billiards room, or stuff face with our endless buffet, just be sure to make it to our next show, it is not one you will want to miss.

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